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Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians

March 26, 2016

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In our remarks on the teachings of Paul’s earlier epistles, we noted that the burden of their message concerned the “things on the earth” – in other words, the Adamic race. … But if explicit mention of the “things of heaven” is absent from Paul’s earliest writings, that certainly cannot be charged to his later epistles, Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians. These, forming perhaps the smallest group of the New Testament writings, have the largest scope of any of the groups. They contain a digest of universal history, a compendium, we might say, of “the ways of God with men,” and angels, too, the moral glories of which are sufficient to their own justification. The group is a complete Bible in itself, though compressed within the narrow confines of a trinity of sacred writings. These epistles especially (and not the writings of Plato, nor the philosophic guesses of any other heathen writer) contain the solution of the problem of universal destiny, as Paul’s earlier writings solve the question of human destiny.

KnochA.E. Knoch (1874-1965)
Unsearchable Riches, Vol. 4, pages 260-261
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The Weakened and Lost Distinctiveness

March 16, 2016

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I fear there is a tendency abroad to exaggerate the standing and state of the Old Testament saints in order to make little difference between the Church and Israel, and thus the heavenly distinctiveness is weakened and lost. The aim of the enemy from a very early date was to draw the saints from their heavenly calling. Once heaven as a present position and portion is surrendered, the great privilege and position of the Church, the Body of Christ, is drained away.

James Butler StoneyJ.B. (James Butler) Stoney (1814-1897)
Cited by Miles J. Stanford (1914-1999), Israel’s Messianic Kingdom

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