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Israel’s Earthly Destiny

May 18, 2010

Then answered Peter, and said to Him, “Behold, we have forsaken all, and followed You. What shall we have therefore?” (Matthew 19:27).

After God revealed His twofold purpose in Genesis 1:1, He immediately begins a detailed revelation of His plan for the first part of His purpose: “the earth”; for next we read:

And the earth (1:2).

This emphasis on the earth would occupy the focus of divine revelation for the next four thousand years. Israel is the divinely chosen vessel of God’s earthly purpose. It is not until one gets to the revelation of the mystery that God unveils His plan and purpose regarding the heaven. The Body of Christ is the divinely chosen vessel of His heavenly purpose.

Israel’s destiny and expectation is a literal, physical, earthly kingdom. This kingdom is the theme of the Jewish Scriptures. Jesus confirmed this expectation when replying to Peter’s inquiry:

We have forsaken all, and followed You. What shall we have therefore?

Peter was expecting something, and he would not be disappointed – the Lord Jesus Christ Himself said so! Jesus Christ was “a minister of the Circumcision” – the One Who came “to confirm the promises made unto the Fathers.”

Now I say that Jesus Christ was a minister of the Circumcision for the truth of God, to confirm the promises made unto the Fathers (Romans 15:8).

Hear those words. Christ’s was a ministry to the Circumcision. How few know that His earthly teaching ministry was to confirm the teaching of Hebrew Scripture concerning Israel’s destiny? So many mistakenly believe that He came to teach something “new,” when in fact His teaching was centered on the promises made to Israel’s forefathers. His response to Peter’s question was no exception!

Verily I say to you, that you who have followed Me in the regeneration, when the Son of Man shall sit on the throne of His glory, you also shall sit upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of Israel. And every one who has forsaken houses, or brothers, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands for My name’s sake, shall receive a hundred-fold, and shall inherit age-lasting life. But many that are first shall be last, and the last shall be first (Matthew 19:28-30).

Jesus Christ confirmed to Peter the promises made to Israel’s Fathers. When the Lord sits up his literal, physical, earthly kingdom in Jerusalem, the Twelve Apostles will sit with Him ruling the Twelve Tribes of Israel. All they had physically forsaken for Him would be restored to them physically a hundred-fold.

The earth is Israel’s destiny in God’s twofold purpose.

Clyde L. Pilkington, Jr.
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