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The Chosen – Servant Nation

May 15, 2010

The concept of Israel as the chosen people does not imply a certain divine favoritism, as some seem to think, but an opportunity of grace, a calling that involved the assumption of the servant role among the nations. It was the fact that they had interpreted themselves as special objects of God’s favor, and rejected the servant role, that led to their own rejection.

A.R. Tippett
Church Growth and the Word of God (1970)

Paul Our Guide, Christ Our Goal

May 15, 2010

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We must put emphasis on the writings of Paul for our direct instructions. However, what you will soon discover is that by emphasizing Paul’s writings to us, we will find the beauty presented in the entire Word of God and how it relates to us. The point is not to ignore the entirety of Scripture; it is to use the epistles of Paul as a magnifying glass onto the rest of the Bible. When we learn to read, study, understand and apply the principles and information presented in the entire Bible; all weighed in light of what we have learned in the Pauline epistles to our daily lives, we will find ourselves doing something that should have been done over the course of the last two millennia. We will find ourselves pursuing the life Christ intended for us to live today.

Jason Randolph
Paul is Our Guide, Christ is Our Goal (2008)
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